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March 16, 2008



I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER first of all i got ripped off my spring break. my parents took me somewhere i completly didnt wanna go and like i was so sad cause like the girl of like my DREAMS doesnt know i like her. and im to scared to tell her so that was on my mind all break. and now im going back to school tomorow. back to the jackasses of highschool and the realization that me and the girl im completly in love with can never happen. i mean if i tell her i like her our frienship would be destroyed cause lord knows theres no way she would ever like me back. and like my 2 best friends are like stealing each other if that makes any sense. like as they get closer they push me away and it just sucks fuck. i cant believe spring break is over. now i hafta survive till summer. cannot wait for trhat ya done haha i loved blogging first time

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