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I'm Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Foley, and I'm taking over the MSU AIGA portion of this site for the remainder of the year. Kate Bingaman-Burt launched Crap Detector in the Fall of 2006 to act as a teaching tool, information center and discussion area for her graphic design classes and aiga student group at mississippi state university. As of Fall 2008, she is teaching at Portland State University where she now runs the blog Command Save.


Sarah Foley is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Mississippi State University. She received her MFA in Design at the School of Visual Arts in 2007.

History of this blog (before it was taken over by Sarah):

Quoting Kate Bingaman-Burt: "Crap Detector. What is it? I was first introduced to the concept of a crap detector by my undergraduate english professor in advanced comp. He informed us that in order to be an excellent writer you must be an excellent thinker. He then yelled at us to TURN OUR CRAP DETECTORS ON!

*I am pretty sure that he was paraphrasing Ernest Hemingway, but I still like to credit my english professor for the phrase."

To be an excellent graphic designer, you must also engage your crap detector. THINK! QUESTION! ANALYZE! Look at everything with a critical eye. TURN YOUR CRAP DETECTORS ON!"

For more information about the art department at Mississippi State University go HERE.


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